• Client invests in team and infrastructure Our team works with you to develop the distribution infrastructure and lead in operations for defined periods


  • Client needs ‹2 year solution
  • Infrastructure supplied by client or Brecham Group
  • We operate on a short term basis until you’re ready to take over
  • Production positions can be our team


  • Client needs 2+ year solution
  • We invest in the infrastructure and operate
  • We staff all functions

The Brecham Group is a supply chain execution organization.  Our focus is delivering practical solutions and executing those solutions for our client.  

We offer several operations management solutions to aid in short term or specialty management needs.   We find that our clients need additional management support due to:

  • management team vacancies due to unexpected growth, acquisition or turnover 
  • new process implementation and need to infuse experienced managers with relevant knowledge into the management team

Our unique experience of day-to-day operations management along with complicated project implementation allow us to integrate into a team quickly and help drive the operations to meet goals. 

Our goal is to work with our clients to evolve their distribution solution over time recognizing that the solution evolves over time as well.   Solutions are tailored to meet individual needs. 


We offer 4 management levels. Each with a unique skill set, experience and price point. In many instances, we staff senior leaders into junior roles to maximize opportunity for success.




Operations Executive

25+ Years

Have operated a Senior Director, VP, SVP, COO roles in supply chain and distribution operations. Cross functional leadership experience.

Senior Leader

20+ Year

Have operated at Director, Senior Director roles in distribution operations. Site management experience.


10-20 Years

Have operated at Senior manager, Director roles in distribution operations. Site or shift management experience.


5+ Years

Our widest breadth of experience. Our team often come from VP level roles down to department management roles. All have gone through our internal training program on how do deliver floor level results through leadership, KPI management, operations flow, and methods management.